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Colour and Sound Healing-Workshops

As far as color therapy goes. When I signed up for the course, I had no idea really what it was, but I knew I needed to take it. My mind was blown on all the conditions color therapy can help with. I believe that we all take colors for granted and I sure noticed it after taking the course. You just don't realize what effect a color can have on you until you learn about what it can do. Having the background, it has helped me to play around with colors more. I was a blue or black kind of person, now I am able to identify, just by listening to someone what color that person is needing to assist or just by listening to my body, I know what I need to do to make myself feel better.

I have seen major shifts in people by simply following a regular color therapy schedule.

As for tuning forks/sound therapy. Something that I'm enjoying quite more than I thought! I have so much to learn about them and want to dig deeper.

The results I am seeing are beautiful. If you aren't a believer, after 1 session, you will walk out a believer.

I've had clients who are big skeptics but at the end of their 1st session, had so many questions about what they felt ,saw and heard during their treatment. Something they never thought was possible.

To sum it up, everyone I've had for color therapy or sound therapy has walked out of my office relaxed, happy and ready to book for another appointment.

S.D Alberta

The Body of Colour- Colour Therapy Foundations Workshop

Discover how amazing colours really are!

Through the use of the Spectro-Chrome system, you will explore the therapeutic aspects of the 12 colours used in colour therapy. You will learn what colours to use, when to use them and how to use them. We will as well go through the history and foundation of Colour Therapy to bring awareness to how we can apply colour to our everyday lives. Based on the book "Let There be Light" by Darius Dinshah. Color can heal in so many ways. From color breathing to visualization

to physically applying color to the body through the use of a lamp with color gels. Did you know that you can use color therapy as a preventative tool when you feel you are coming down with something? As well, there are healing colors that help with chronic pain such as sciatica and so much more. This is a class for anyone interested in using healing color therapy in their lives or in the lives of others. This is also a great class for anyone who practices another modality and would like to add something phenomenal to their repertoire.

Offered only live through Zoom Live

Next Workshop: Thursday September 16th, 23rd and 30th from 7pm-9:00pm 

$395 (plus shipping if not picking up material in person) Class offered throughout Canada only.

Includied in the class : Hard Cover Book "Let There Be Light", class manual, and a colour gel set (to be put on a lamp to project the colours). $100 deposit required to secure a spot. Email me for more details

This class is offered 2 times a year (spring and fall).

Colour and Sound Vibrational Therapy Class

*Pre-Requisite: The Body of Colour (Next - See above)

Colour meets tuning forks. This amazing modality teaches you how to use tuning forks (1 set)-not included) throughout the body to balance the chakras and bring alignment. Tuning forks enhance the ability to make profound changes in the energy levels of the body using sound. Tuning forks are used to correct the imbalances, and uncovers emotions. Combined with your knowledge in Colour Therapy, the healing results are quite profound!

$375 for the class

$75 deposit required to secure a spot. Email me for more details...

Price includes: the class manual, and visuals. Please bring your "Let there be Light" Book. They are available for purchase if needed.

*** Tuning forks are to be purchased by the student. They are not needed for the class, but you will need your own set afterwards.  

Next class

Spring 2022

This class if offered only once a year.

Light Ray Balancing

Expand your awareness with colour! Connecting to your spiritual body through your colour and senses. Light Ray Balancing Technique is a hand-on healing is a hand-on healing technique designed to re-balance the Light Rays within the body as to open the connection to Spirit. Taught over the course of 1 day. *Pre-requisite The Body of Colour

Please inquire! Next workshop Summer 2021

Distant Color Workshop

Distant Colour Workshop

Children's Colour Workshops

Children's Color Therapy Basics

An afternoon where children can come to learn and explore some of this history, theory of color such as: why do we choose to wear certain colours? why do certain colours make us feel a certain way? why does white light produce a rainbow? They will learn how to do basic Light Ray Balancing in the latter part of the class; an excellent easy to learn healing tool.

Class is currently available upon request and done virtually.

$125 (introductory) for the first child (if multiple children in the same household, please contact me for a multiple rate)

Colour and Meditation for Kids

Coming soon...check back later!